Immigrant CEO School

The 1st & ONLY School for Immigrant Entrepreneurs in the World

Are you...

An ambitious immigrant looking to start a business..

(WITHOUT going $100K into debt)? 

Want to...

share your hometown skills with world wide clients

(WITHOUT managing an exhausing physical business)?

Ready to...

skip years of waiting for a promotion & become your own CEO  

(WITHOUT spending 2 years on an MBA)?

I get how you feel.  

18 years ago I didn't know any English.  

I was the 1st in my family to go to a US college (Go Bears!)

I landed a big girl analyst job in San Francisco.  

I had "made it"..

yet I was miserable.

Then, It All Went to Hell.

In 2013, I was fired, multiple times.

I walked out with $40 in my pocket on my last day as a sushi waitress.

As I walked to th parking lot, I asked myself:

What Happened to Your Dreams?

What happened to the 18 year old who dreamed about starting a business?  

What happened to the girl who wanted to make something of herself in America?  

Surely by this age I would have SOMETHING to show for what I sacrificed?

I Decided Enough was Enough

A Year to Survive in Business

I was all in in 2014 and gave myself a year to make it, my way.

I posted ads on Craigslist teaching English

I went to Facebook groups teaching foreign pharmacists how to pass the TOEFL test

I taught seniors how to use Skype and their iPhones talk to their grandchildren.

I even fixed printers and taught people how to use eBay.

The Problem with Barely Scraping By in Business

Although at this point I was getting clients...

BUT I was nowhere making the money that I wanted to. 

The reason?

I was told lies. 

Maybe you were too. 

Lie #1: You're Not Good Enough

I thought I was too young, too ethnic, and too female to start a business

TRUTH: My clients told me they hired me BECAUSE I didn't know English 18 years ago

BECAUSE was Chinese, and because they saw me as the 2.0 version of themselves.


Lie #2: Your Business Idea is Everything

Worried that you need to build the next Google + AirBnB + Uber?

TRUTH: My first business is a simple idea that you can start using right now!

I began teaching English by posting ads on Craigslist.

And I kept going, and it branched off into me helping others pass tests, get into colleges, get their dream job, and start their businesses. 

Lie #3: Talking to Clients is Scary

 I used to hate the phone and not even answer it when I was 12.

TRUTH: When you know exactly WHAT to say (and what not to say), talking to people you KNOW who you were MEANT to help is not only easy, but FUN!

Lie #4: Marketing is Annoying

Are you terrified that the more you post, the more people will unfollow, or gasp--block or unfriend you? 

TRUTH: The people who need your help DESPERATELY want to see your take on life, your take on how you were able to achieve what you already have! 

Lie #5: Selling is Embarassing

Your well-meaning parents told you not to talk to strangers. 

Good for protecting 6 year olds, not so good for selling. 

TRUTH: The wealthiest people in the world are CONSTANTLY asking for money and asking for donations--they deserve it, why not you?  


Lie #6: Getting Clients is a Crapshoot

Are the people who you listen to successful, or not so much?

When you EXPECT and prepare for consistency, that's what you get.

When you have a SYSTEM that helps you generate clients on demand, you don't "wonder", you KNOW clients coming to you is consistent.

Lie #7: Getting Known Takes Years

Do you think you need another PhD or Six Sigma belt in order for people to get to know you? 

I teach you how you can get featured like me on TEDx, Inc Magazine, Huffington Post, Orange County Lawyer, and features on Linkedin pulse, and more! 

Lie #8: To Be Rich I Have to Work to Death

Ever notice that even the most hard working people don't necessarily make the most money? 

I teach you how you can do something ONCE, and influence many people so that you can leverage your time to be RICH!  

There is a better way.

Introducing Immigrant CEO School's Truths:


Truth #1: You Need CEO Programming

Why do some immigrants suceed wildly no matter where they are

whereas other immigrants never reach that success?

The answer is their mindset.

You cannot EARN like a CEO if you don't have CEO programming.  


Truth # 2 : There's a Goldmine of Clients

With 3.56 BILLION internet users and climbing(!)

and the fact that most 6 figure businesses only need about 100 people paying $1,000 to reach their goals..

Your clients ARE out there, and they are looking for YOU. 

 Truth #3: Talking to Clients Can Be FUN!

Let's be real, nothing is fun if you don't know how, but at CEO school, I teach you the exact scripts to learn how you can not only mae sales EASY but also FUN!  

Truth #4: It's Easy to Find Your Tribe

Let's take a look at the numbers as of 2017 according to social media week:

Facebook: 1.9 billion usrs

Youtube: 1 billion users

Instagram: 700 million 

Twitter: 317 million

Pinterest: 317 million

Linkedin: 106 million 

Surely you can find at least 1 person who will pay for you! 

Truth #5: Sales is Simple

Sales is simple when you know how. 

At the International CEO school I give you an easily to follow script so you know exactly what to say and what not to say 


Truth #6: You Can Churn Out a Factory of Success Stories

When you have clients that get results, you'll get more testimonials and referrals--luckily, that's easily achievable wen you know how  


Truth #7: Overnight Fame is Possible if You Know How

Some of the places I've been featured at and where I teach my clients how to get featured: 

Truth #8: Work Less & Make More Money

When you know how to leverage your time and reach out to thousands of people at once with Facebook Ads, Posts, Groups, Linkedin, Youtube, and other social media networks, you know how you can multiply your time and make even more of a difference, which means more money in your pocket!

Alternatives to Immigrant CEO School:

Start a Restaurant: At least $250,000 down, 12 hour days of back breaking work

Getting an MBA: $140,000 in debt and no certainty of getting a profitable business

Gas Station Business: At least $1 million in investment and lower margins

Become a Doctor:$166K in debt for 8 years in education and 3 more years in residency

Become a Lawyer: $43 K a year in tuition and the butt of lawyer jokes forever

Marry Money: Could be awesome, could ruin your life

Stay Where You Are: As long as you can look back at your life without regrets, of course

What You'll Walk Away with in 8 Weeks:

In 8 weeks, you'll learn exactly what you need to do to create $8k months ($100K year)

You'll be able to work from anywhere in the world or just lounging in your PJs

You'll be able to work with people who see your life as their dream

You'll be able to use your expertise to change your world.

Now is Your Time

Why Should You Listen to Li?

CEO School

Li Lin is the Founder of Immigrant CEO School

From not knowing any English 18 years ago, she was able to build up a successful busiess helping 200+ clients over the last 3 years.

She has been featured on TEDx, Inc Magazine, Huffington Post.

Her clients include MBAs, PhDs, engineers, CPAs, finance professionals, analysts, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, immigrats, Americans, students, parents, and more.

She was able to go from a UC Berkely graduate to a business analyst, and after getting fired decided to start her online based business.

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Have Questions? Here Are Answers:

Will this work for me?

Great question, Will you make it work for you? 

This program has worked for people who were weight loss coaches, career coaches, medical school coaches, and more. 

If you do the work, you will see the results, and when you don't do the work, it won't work for you. 

Is there a guarantee?

While I have many testimonials of successful clients, I cannot guarantee that you will succeed, it is up to you to act on what I teach you. 

Is there a refund policy?

There is a no refund policy. If you have any further questions about your personal questions and whether or not you should enroll, email

What if I don't have a business idea?

This course will teach you how to find the easiest business idea

Any further questions? Email me at Li@Li-Lin.Net ! 

Yes 2018 Is the Year I Make $8,000/Month!

P.S.: Still Not Ready?

Where will you be December 31, 2018?

Will you be further along your dreams?

Or still wondering "what if"?